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Title: 12 HOURS TO GO: Penny Traffic and Penny Leads

Reaching 480 new people on your list per day for pennies probably seems lightyears away to you right now… I get it.

So today, I’ve found something that should help. A new way to use penny traffic to reach up to 480 new people on your list a day…

This is without the headache of ANY SEO or outdated traffic methods. I thought it was BS too, but all the proof and results changed my mind.

You gotta see this…check it out here:

(link to bonus page and video)

Talk more tomorrow,


P.S. There’s thousands of people doing aff. marketing, blogging and other methods requiring traffic, but none getting results exactly this way. It’s so simple, and the best part is you can actually reach big numbers without any SEO or needing a big budget. That’s why I think you should check it out. 

Subject: Live: Penny Traffic and 480 New Leads/Day

A new course has come out where they show you how to reach 480 new leads in a day with all targeted penny traffic…

There’s been so many traffic courses, but none showing what these guys are showing here.

You can easily use this to build a passive traffic pretty much on demand…and make as many as you want without ever worrying about SEO or needing a big budget.

Check it out now here:


My favorite part is that you can even spend 10 bux and supercharge the speed of your results.

Imagine in 3 months when you could have tons and tons of passive traffic machines and a massive list in tons of niches…

Sounds super interesting right? I thought so too.

Check out all the details here:




Subject: Old Traffic Methods Are Dead…So Use This

So things are changing fast, and as you know, if you can’t keep up, you will get left behind.

This is especially true when it comes to methods of generating traffic.

Without traffic you can’t get ANY results with affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, e-commerce, blogging, or building a list…

And with the outdated methods out there you are not going to get any traffic…

That’s why I have been getting into a new penny traffic method I found from these guys who use it to get up to 480 leads a day for pennies…

>> Check it out here [AFFILIATE LINK]

The best part is to set this up you don’t need any experience or more than 5 bucks a day it’s super low risk!

What really surprised me is that the traffic is totally passive meaning once they set it up, and you can start getting penny traffic and hundreds of leads on autopilot.

That’s the true beauty of a passive system like this.

I was just shocked at how low tech it was. You’ll see what I mean: [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

I think you’re really gonna like it:


Subject: Need Traffic For Aff. Marketing Badly?

Here’s the cold hard truth: Affiliate marketing is changing…

And if you’re not in the loop, you’ll be left in the dust.

What’s changing is HOW to get commissions…you need a really solid traffic source.

…And SEO or expensive paid traffic just isn’t going to cut it.

Check out the details of the new way to do aff. marketing here: [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

The best part?

-Since it’s aff. marketing, no customer support.

-Since it’s passive traffic, set and forget it

-Since it’s passive, only some initial setup work per site (set up many)

If you’re not in on the new way of doing aff. marketing, you’ll be left in the dust…

Click here. You’ll see what I mean: [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

Time to get updated!